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Ease and elegance never lose their appeal. That’s the thinking behind Gump’s Style, a unique collection of clothing for dressing in a manner that makes you feel comfortable, confident and happy. Gump’s Style is all about balancing simplicity and luxe, sophistication and ease with eternally classic pieces that range from soft cashmere wraps and lightweight cardigans that go everywhere to Asian-inspired pieces like our silk dupioni Mao jacket—elegant with slacks or jeans. Perfect the art of personal style with Gump’s. Shop the Collection.

Featured Collection


The right accessories create instant chic, adding personality and flair to even the simplest white tee or little black dress. Gump’s accessories range from airy, ultra-feminine silk scarves hand woven at Lake Como to a sophisticated collection of handbags like our exclusive patent-trimmed Hamptons tote. Create the look you want with essential pieces—a wrap, a tote, a packable raffia sun hat—for summer adventures close to home or far, far away. Shop the Collection.

Featured Collection


Day or night, a striking necklace or a pretty pair of earrings adds color and sparkle, polish and panache to your look.  Gump’s offers a collection of chic little “gems,” many exclusive to Gump’s, with a delightful twist of the unexpected.  Key pieces include our shimmering enameled dragonfly pin, a rope of semi-precious stones in the colors of the sea or a chunky cuff of Venetian glass crafted by Italian artisans on the island of Murano. These great finds offer proof that style isn’t about price, it’s about taste. Shop the Collection.